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    About Droplets CCTV

    CCTV Installation Services

    Droplets CCTV offers CCTV installation, repairs and sales services to clients within Abuja, Nigeria. We handle CCTV installation services for homes, businesses, churches, warehouses, offshore facilities, support vessels and any other location that requires surveillance. Droplets CCTV is one of the leading security companies when it comes to custom design and installation of state-of-the-art Closed Circuit Television systems (CCTV systems). Whether you are looking for an analog or IP surveillance system for your building, schools, shops, factories, homes, our experienced team can provide expert design and installation of CCTV systems in Abuja, Nigeria. Droplets CCTV offers a wide variety of security camera systems and digital recorders. We only use reputable, reliable security company brands such as Dahua, Hikvision, Hilook, Swann, GE and more.

    Installation Service

    We offer full CCTV installation for your property from piping through wiring to fitting and commissioning. Our installation services covers 3 basic stages – piping and wiring, fitting and termination, and finally testing and commissioning.


    CCTV Repairs

    We offer repair services for faulty CCTV systems. CCTV systems are very sensitive because they function all the time provided there is constant power supply. our repair services include faulty cabling, bad cameras, video feed interference, no recording, no video, faulty DVR, Cameras, NVR and many more.


    CCTV Wiring

    We offer full CCTV wiring services for new construction buildings. Our wiring services starts with planning the required CCTV cable routes to selecting best positions for optimal coverage, this helps eliminate unnecessary wires flying around the building.


    1 Year Warranty

    Our installations are backed by a 1 year factory & installation warranty, give us a call today and you’ll get the best.  We’re not joking here.

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    Our Work Over The Years


    We like to take challenges and delivering to the best of our abilities with innovative solutions to meet deadlines, with optimum use of resources within the cost

    Some Notable Clients

    PHED, Mountain of Fire, GIG Logistics,   Beebeejumps Offices(ABJ, Kaduna), Baker Hughes Office(remote surveillance), RCE Overseas Asphalt Plant, Ihuaku 2 & 1(Support Vessels), KDI Oil & Gas Offices, TUA Model School, Airtrace Solutions Offices, Ievoli Blue(Mobile Nigeria Support Vessel) and numerous private homes, offices & shops
    we’ve come a long way providing security and surveillance services for our clients. Here are some brands we are currently representing.
    Materials & Installation

    Our Office/Home Installation Packages

    We offer CCTV sales and supply services. we use quality brands such as Dahua and Hik-vision and all our installations can be remotely viewed using an app installed on your phone.
    All our installations are capable of remote viewing using a mobile phone or laptop provided there is constant power supply and internet connectivity on your property.

    2 Channel CCTV System Plus Installation

    Starting @₦110,000, this is a 2 channel cctv system installation with 2 cctv cameras, a 4-channel DVR(digital video recorder), 1 TB hard drive, power supply and all other necessary accessory required to complete the installation, this price is variable depending on the size of the coverage area and the wiring

    4 Channel CCTV System Plus Installation

    Starting @₦140,000, this is a 4 channel cctv system installation with 4 cctv cameras, a 4-channel DVR(digital video recorder), 1 TB hard drive, power supply and all other necessary accessory required to complete the installation, this price is variable depending on the size of the coverage area and the wiring

    4G Solar CCTV Camera

    Solar 4G PTZ Camera, Battery Powered Wireless Solar CCTV, 247 Power for Security, Monitor your properties using your smartphones from anywhere in the world. Rotate the camera through any angle for better coverage from the comfort of your smartphone

    8 Channels CCTV System Plus Installation

    Starting @₦240,000, this is an 8 channel cctv system installation with 8 cctv cameras, an 8-channel DVR(digital video recorder), hard drives, power supply and all other necessary accessory required to complete the installation, this price is variable depending on the size of the coverage area and the wiring

    Standalone Wifi Camera & Installation

    Starting @₦30,000, this is a 1 channel cctv system that is ideal for shops, offices and home, this device enables you monitor your property, kids, workers, offices and many more using your mobile phone, it uses a wifi device from any of the internet service providers such as mtn  or spectranet



    Benefits  Of Installing a CCTV System.

    • Monitor your premises anytime from anywhere via computer, iPhone, iPad, Android Phone— providing 24/7 protection of your facility.
    • Investigate incidents, retrieve and playback events by time, date or location
    • Reduce crimes and employee theft
    • Reduce employee turnover by providing a safe work environment
    • Monitor and control all electronic systems and machines (i.e. point-of-sale, lights, doors, alarms, heavy equipment, work sites, vehicles)
    • Digitally observe and record any event


    Possible Coverage Areas for CCTV.

    • Entrances/Exits
    • Lobby Areas
    • Living Rooms
    • Children’s Room
    • kitchen
    • Shops
    • Reception Areas
    • Storage Rooms/Areas
    • Work Areas
    • Parking Areas
    • Lab Areas
    • Corridors/Walkways
    • Perimeter Fences/Surroundings
    • Heavy Equipment Areas
    • Conference Areas


    Some CCTV Features.

    • Digital video recording with multiple storage capabilities allowing quick and easy playback
    • Advanced dome cameras with programmable pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ) features
    • Intelligent motion detection with programmable areas and real-time motion sensitivity
    • Multiple users can simultaneously access the same live and/or recorded video
    • User programmable recording schedules
    • Images and video can be displayed in multiple picture screen formats
    • Rapid search by time/date for specific events including: motion detection, recorded data, and more
    • Data recording of ATM and POS transactions
    • Complete integration with current security systems in your facility including alarms, video intercom systems, and Access Control systems
    • Video Monitoring through a UL central station


    Here is a CCTV footage of an elderly man stealing bottles of wine from a clients shop.