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    Droplets Electric Fence

    Residential Electric Fences

    We also offer a variety of electric fencing solutions in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. Our Installations come in different shapes and sizes for wall top, gate top and free standing electric fence solutions, providing you with flexibility when securing your property. We offer custom solutions from high risk electric wire monitored areas to zero voltage fencing, with a Certificate of Compliance (C.O.C) that comes standard with all installations.

    Alarm Sirens

    Our electric fence systems come with loud alarm sirens to alert the neighborhood and deter intruders in times of intrusion, each system comes with a wireless alarm button to sound the sirens incase of an intrusion.


    Inbuilt Batteries

    Our installations are powered at all times by inbuilt batteries to supply current to the fences in times of power outage.


    High Voltage Shock

    Give them the shock of their lives !! Our fences are powered at all times with high voltage electricity to shock anyone that tries to cross over, the shock causes excruciating pain.


    1 Year Warranty

    Our installations are backed by a 1 year factory & installation warranty, give us a call today and you’ll get the best.  We’re not joking here.

    Our Latest Work


    Each property is unique, kindly drop your number or give us a call on 08137607578, and we’ll be at your property.  The cost of our electric fencing and security solution is determined by the size, scale and customized needs of your property.